03日 9月 2014
Hello everyone! Merry West English will have a second movie event this month on Sunday, September 21st from 11AM-2PM (11:00-14:00). The movie will be Sherlock Holmes starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. It's an action/adventure/comedy/crime/mystery film. We will watch the movie together at the Shidax on Chuo Street (Chuo-Doori). There will be a discussion after the movie, with discussion questions and Japanese translations provided by us. Please don't worry about your English--all levels...
23日 7月 2014
July 20th was MWE's very first English Movie Day and discussion class. Thank you to all of the students who came! Everyone did a wonderful job expressing their opinions and theories about the movie. Sara and I hope that you all had as much fun as we did. We don't want to spoil the movie for people for people who haven't seen it yet, but here are some highlights from the discussion: The most popular line was Maleficent's "Well well". The raven/crow was more popular than Prince Philip. For the...
19日 6月 2014
Hello everybody! Let's study the verb phrase: "get wet".... The rainy season has arrived again. But so far it isn't very rainy! I don't like the rainy season. Do you like the rainy season? In Canada, we don't have a rainy season because the air is very dry. So I don't like the high humidity in Japan. It is hard to wash my clothes, or to put on my make up. But the number one reason I don't like the rainy season is because everyone and everything GETS WET!! Especially my dogs! I have two dogs: a...
14日 6月 2014
生徒のお一人、坂倉陽(sakakkura akira)さんが見事TOEICで890点という素晴らしいスコアを記録しました。 メリーウエスト英会話教室に2年近くマンツーマンコースへ通って頂いております。ほとんど欠席されたことが無いくらい熱心な方でコツコツと努力を積み重ねられてきた結果だと思います。 私たち講師陣も坂倉さんのことを誇りに思います。...
05日 6月 2014
みなさんは英検やTOEICを受験された事がありますか? 私は英検やTOEICの試験官と面接委員の仕事を10年以上に渡ってしてきました。 10年前と違う事はその受験者数が飛躍的に増えたという事です。企業での採用や昇進、海外への赴任には必ず英会話力が必要です。また高校時代に得た英検の合格が大学入試に考慮される事はみなさんご承知の通りです。...
24日 5月 2014
Thank you to everyone who was able to come to my welcome party at Buzz Dazzling last Saturday! I had a great time and I really enjoyed talking with all of you. Please feel free to talk to me when you have time. If you don't know the English, I'll help - practice makes perfect! :) Just to tell you a little about myself... I grew up in the city of New Castle which is in the state of Delaware in the United States. Delaware is the second smallest state - see if you can find it on a map. I studied...
24日 5月 2014
Hi everyone! Megan here again. I hope you are having a wonderful spring. I`m really enjoying the cool breeze right now because very soon it will become humid and too hot. Lately a certain cat video has become famous in the US. The video isn`t the usual "cute cat" video...it shows a cat being a hero! A 3 year old boy was outside on his bike when he suddenly was attacked by the neighbor`s dog. The dog grabbed the boy by the leg and was shaking him when the brave cat ran up and kicked the dog...
11日 4月 2014
April is officially in full swing! Soon the first month of the new school year will be half way over. The cherry trees have finished blooming and the air is getting warmer. Today is my birthday so I am feeling very happy and blessed that we have such a great family of students and friends here at MWE! I love having a birthday during cherry blossom season so every year I can enjoy such a beautiful view with my birthday cake! However, at times, it can make me feel quite melancholy to watch the...
11日 3月 2014
3月になりまして10日あまり、寒い日もあれば暖かい日もあってなかなか素直には春が来たと思えないこのごろです。 昨日などは結構な雪が降って一日中寒い思いをしました。 さて以前からお知らせしておりますようにメリーウエストイングリッシュ四日市追分教室がいよいよ4月にオープンいたします。...
01日 3月 2014
Hi everyone! Today's post was actually inspired by a trip to a library. I recently visited the Mie Prefectural Library. I love that library because it has a huge section of foreign books--French, Spanish, German, English, their range of books is truly impressive. I got really excited when I walked in, and I found myself wondering why I love reading so much. The answer I came up with is this: I began to love reading because of positive experiences with picture books in elementary school. My...















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