Water toys and water sounds!/水遊びと水の音

Hello everyone! Megan here again. ^_^  It's been really hot lately, right?!  How do you stay cool when summer comes? 


  My favorite thing to do in summer is to go swimming or play with water toys. My friends and I often played in the sprinkler and used "super soaker" water guns. You can see some of the different water guns here: 


Here are some sprinklers and water slides:



Japanese has many words for sounds, like "zaa zaa" for pouring rain and even "shiiiiiin" for silence! I don't think that English has as many sound words as Japanese has, but here are some English water sounds:

  • splash/ splish splash-- the sound made when someone or something hits the water or when someone jumps into it (there's even a song lyric that goes "Splish splash I was taking a bath...")
  • drip drip--water drops falling, such as water dripping from a leaky sink or a soft rain.
  • plop plop--big drops of water/liquid falling
  • pitter patter--light rain falling on an umbrella, roof, or other surface
  • slosh--water spilling or splashing, such as water in a bucket sloshing against the sides of the bucket

That's all I have for now.  Wishing everyone some lovely cool moments despite the summer heat!









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    A.S. (木曜日, 11 7月 2013 22:14)

    Dear Megan,
    Yo! Water gus are awesome! I didn't know so many ones at all.
    Anyway extreme heat of this summer disgusts me. ><

    Guess what,do you know when the Japanese become tired of the heat in summer season, many want to eat eel? As a result,we can live energetically.

    Do the American have such manners and customs ?

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    Megan (木曜日, 18 7月 2013 14:56)

    Hi A.S.! Thank you for the comment. I think that water guns are awesome, too. They're a fun way to stay cool, but they're definitely more fun if everyone has them...it's not so fun to get caught in a "waterfight" when you're unarmed ;)

    I didn't know that eel was popular when people got tired from the heat--that's really interesting! It does seem that eel would be refreshing in the summer compared with "heavier" meat like beef. I don't think we have a similar food craving in the U.S., except for everyone craving cold drinks and ice cream when it's hot outside. The coolers and insulation in the buildings make it so that you can forget the heat once you're inside :D I think that the downside is that it's not very eco-friendly to run air conditioners all the time *and* it makes us Americans pretty weak to changes in temperature if we have to be outside for long periods of time.

    Have you had any eel recently?








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