Dog Days of Summer....

We have entered the "dog days of summer" again. Have you heard that phrase before? In the west, we often talk about the "dog days" when we feel the summer heat. Do you know the origin of this phrase? It refers to the period of time between early July and early September. It originated in the Latin period when the calendar followed along with stars. The rising of Sirius, also named the Dog Star, happens at the same time as the Sun during this time of year. Most people don't know the origin of the phrase, but we all know that it means that we are hot and tired....we also say we are "dog tired" which means very, very tired with no energy at all. There are many phrases in English that use the word "dog" in them. If you are interested, please check out this link and click on the phrase for the meaning: (of course, everything is in English! Ganbatte! ;)


 In Canada, we are always excited to welcome summer and we do everything that we can outside. We love to eat outside as much as possible with our families or on our lunch breaks. Canadians enjoy many outdoor activities like camping, fishing, playing sports or simply relaxing in the park. Winter is very long and cold so we feel excited when July and August come every year. But, in Japan, I can't wait for summer to be over every year because I love the autumn and winter seasons in this country. I dream of autumn breezes every night which helps me stay cool until I wake up in the morning and start another day in the heat of the dog days of summer...