Fun Times at USJ and a happy trip!


 Hello everyone! I’m sorry this post is late! Now, onto the promised content:




During the Obon Holiday, James and I decided to visit USJ. The main reasons that we wanted to go were the One Piece event, the “updated” Spiderman ride, the new “Biohazard: The Real” zombie attraction, and the backward-dropping rollercoaster called “Hollywood: The Dream”. Well…we only got to do 2 ½ of the things we wanted to do…




The problem was that the park was super-crowded because most people were off during Obon and we had only decided to go at the last minute >_< We REALLY wanted to go to Sanji’s Pirate Restaurant, but the online tickets were all sold out. Because of that, we had to take our chances at getting “day-of” tickets/toujitsuken. Biohazard: The Real ALSO required getting there early to get numbered tickets/seiriken, so we had to make a choice about which event to try for first.   James and I both like zombies…but we like One Piece more, so we went to the restaurant as soon as we got to the park.




Our hearts dropped as we read the sign outside the restaurant. The sign read “Morning show—SOLD OUT. Afternoon show—SOLD OUT. Evening show—Tickets Available.” Wait, WHAT?! We turned to a nearby crewmember and asked frantically where to sign up. She asked us if we knew about One Piece and we gave her an enthusiastic “YES!” in reply. She then directed us to the cash register, where we paid for the show and got a voucher. We then headed off to find the ticket area for Biohazard, but we weren’t able to get seiriken (they ran out) so James suggested getting some food and cooling down. We got an “Express Pass” deal with a meal (one fast pass came with a One Piece themed meal), so that’s how we got an Express Pass for the new Spiderman.




In the end, the only Biohazard-related things we got to do were take photos with a Biohazard background and drink Biohazard-themed drinks. Those were really fun, though, and Sanji’s Pirate Restaurant was our favorite attraction anyway. By the way, did you know that Biohazard was renamed “Resident Evil” in the English version of the games/movies? There was a copyright issue with the name Biohazard, so they called it “Resident Evil” because the first game took place in a house.




Sanji’s Pirate Restaurant featured a beautiful interior and very friendly, entertaining staff. There are videos of it up on YouTube, but it really is worth seeing it in-person if you’re a One Piece fan. Partway through the delicious meal (you get a choice of fish or meat for the main dish, but there are several courses and dessert), I looked up to see Zoro (my favorite character!) staring in at us. I jerked backwards in surprise, and Zoro jerked as if he was surprised, too. James just laughed because I blushed. The logical part of my brain KNEW that “Zoro” was just an actor, but he looked so authentic and my inner child rejoiced to see him. James’ favorite character is Luffy, and Luffy came over to James and tried to eat James’ food at one point in the show. Overall it was a VERY fun experience and we wish that we had taken more pictures.




In addition to missing out on the Biohazard attraction, we also didn’t get to do the backwards-dropping rollercoaster. We did get to do the regular version at nighttime, though, and it was beautiful with the sparkling lights on the coaster and the great nighttime view of the park. We were standing next to another couple of foreigners, so we ended up talking to them in English. The roller coaster has four seats per row, so we got to ride at the same time as them. James and the other man were on the outside seats while the woman and I were sitting on the inside. Both the woman and I were screaming during the ride, but James and the man laughed during the entire ride. About 1/3 of the way through the ride I started to enjoy it, but I still had tears streaming down my cheeks when the ride stopped. It’s always the same with me—I get horribly nervous in-line and during the first lift and drop of the ride, but partway through the ride I start to enjoy it. How about you? Do you like rollercoasters?




That’s basically the gist (summary of/main points) of our USJ adventure. The Spiderman ride was as fun as the last time I rode it, but I didn’t see any big changes other than it perhaps being a few minutes longer. Have you been to USJ lately? What’s your favorite attraction? Are you excited about the new Harry Potter area that’s coming next year?




In other news, I’m going back to the U.S. next week for a friend’s wedding. I’m going to be a bridesmaid in her wedding! I’m excited to see everyone and to be able to eat some of my favorite Cajun (American food mainly from Louisiana) and TexMex (Texas-version of Mexican food). I will be sure to take plenty of pictures!




Wishing everyone a great week and weekend!