Update and Music Reccomendations!

Hi everyone! Megan here again. I apologize for the long gap between posts.


  The weather is getting colder, so please take care! This is the perfect season to drink hot teas, hot apple cider, and hot chocolate/cocoa. I've already managed to catch a cold (Noooo! ;_; ), but hopefully it will go away soon. What do you do to feel better when you catch a cold?  In the U.S., people like to have chicken noodle soup (or any soup with chicken broth).  Some people also drink black tea with lemon and honey to comfort the throat. One of the ladies (who worked in the food court) at my college told me about the lemon and honey tea trick, and it's now it's my favorite "cold therapy". My father also recommends gargling(うがい) with salt water. He used to be a medic, so I trust his advice. I hope you don't catch a cold, though! (^_^)/


On to the music recommendations:


Imagine Dragons--they are a new group that falls under the label of "alternative". I really like their songs "On Top of the World", "Radioactive", and "Demons".


If you like Imagine Dragons, you might also like The Lumineers. My favorite song of theirs is "Ho Hey".


Fall Out Boy--they also have an "alternative" feel. This band is extra cool because most of the members look like normal, everyday people. It makes me happy that they are popular because of their music rather than their looks. Their song titles and lyrics are quirky. I love "Sugar We're Going down" and "Dance Dance"--these music videos show the "underdogs" (unpopular kids) actually winning for a change.


Linkin Park--their newest CD is called "Living Things". I recommend "Lost In the Echo" and "Burn it Down". "Iridescent" is a slower song from their 2010 CD called "A Thousand Suns".


If you like female lead singers, I recommend:


P!nk--She has a new CD out called "The Truth About Love". I like the songs "Are We All We Are", "Just Give Me a Reason", and "True Love".


Ellie Goulding--my favorite song of hers is "Bittersweet", but it's only available on the "Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2" Soundtrack. You can listen to it on Youtube, though!  I also like "Burn" and "Lights".


Florence+The Machine--especially "Breath of Life", "Never Let Me Go", and "Shake It Out".


Frou Frou--"Let Go" and "Hear Me Out" are very pretty.


Do you have any favorite artists or songs that you'd like to share? Feel free to leave a comment below ^_^








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