Another year begins…..

April is officially in full swing! Soon the first month of the new school year will be half way over. The cherry trees have finished blooming and the air is getting warmer. Today is my birthday so I am feeling very happy and blessed that we have such a great family of students and friends here at MWE! I love having a birthday during cherry blossom season so every year I can enjoy such a beautiful view with my birthday cake! However, at times, it can make me feel quite melancholy to watch the blossoms fall as I add another year to my life. Time moves so quickly these days.


We have welcomed a new teacher to our school and I am happy to report she is doing a great job! Soon I will move over to Yokkaichi on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday to begin teaching at the new school. I am nervous to start again, but I am excited to meet many more students and welcome them into the Merry West Family. It is interesting to me that the Japanese school year begins in April. In Canada, we begin the new year in September. I think I prefer the Japanese system. It is nice to begin a new year with coming of another spring. New challenges begin with the opening of the spring flowers. It feels refreshing and exciting! In Canada, the end of the summer vacation signals the beginning of a new school year so many children are sad to see the warm weather change to cool autumn winds which are the first indication that winter will soon follow. The feeling is different than in Japan. In Canada, the feeling is a little depressing. However, the one bonus for students in Canada is that when we have holidays there isn't any homework!! ;)


Did you learn any new words in this blog post? Let's challenge English at a higher level!


Kristin :)