TOEIC 890点!!

生徒のお一人、坂倉陽(sakakkura akira)さんが見事TOEICで890点という素晴らしいスコアを記録しました。











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    Akira Sakakura (土曜日, 14 6月 2014 20:25)

    Yo, MW blog visitor !
    Thanks to MWE, I got finally this TOEIC score but I have no respect for the status quo. I'll continue to do my very best because I like this proverb “Little and often fills the purse.” “Little by little and bit by bit.”
    Anyway, what a great teacher Kristin,Megan and Sara are ! Although MWE is relatively new English school , I guess it is already well-established within the local community and they have strong relationships with most students, from just a KIDS to a Business person. Actually, testimonials from happy students such as me are available from now on at this blog. I'm very different from what is was two years ago.I'm beginning to feel like English is very close .
    I'm sure you can improve your English skill drastically so they are really friendly,enthusiastic about teaching.
    Be proactive ! Let's speak English with us !

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    西村浩一 (月曜日, 16 6月 2014 11:35)


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    kristin (月曜日, 16 6月 2014 12:18)

    Thank you so much for your comment Sakakura-san! How nice you are to say such great things about our school. We are very lucky to have such kind and thoughtful students in our Merry West family! Let's continue our friendship for many more years.

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    Megan (月曜日, 16 6月 2014 19:56)

    Thank you so much for the kind words Sakakura-san! I'm really glad that you see your progress in English since you joined our school. I look forward to talking to you each week. Thank you for brightening our Saturdays with your smile and conversation!

    Also, I have another quote for you: "Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle."--Michelangelo "Trifles" means little things. Little things add up to perfection--little by little, you'll go far. ^_^

    I wish you all the best with your English tests and all you do!

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    Sara (火曜日, 17 6月 2014 19:35)

    Thank you for your gracious comments!

    It's a pleasure working with such a motivated student! This kind of score takes dedication both in the classroom and independently. It's awesome that you continually challenge yourself to improve your English more and more. You are an inspiration to both teachers and other students.

    I'll see you in class this week!

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    増田 義史 (金曜日, 25 7月 2014 01:40)