Getting wet in the rainy season! AGAIN!

Hello everybody! Let's study the verb phrase: "get wet"....


The rainy season has arrived again. But so far it isn't very rainy! I don't like the rainy season. Do you like the rainy season?


In Canada, we don't have a rainy season because the air is very dry. So I don't like the high humidity in Japan. It is hard to wash my clothes, or to put on my make up. But the number one reason I don't like the rainy season is because everyone and everything GETS WET!! Especially my dogs!


I have two dogs: a yorkshire terrier named Daisy and a West Highland Terrier, or "westie", named Mochi. I love terriers. They are very friendly and good dogs, but terriers love to smell everything so they are very SLOW on their walks everyday. This is really bad when it is raining! Both of them hate to GET WET so they don't want to go out. Then they have to smell everything on their walk so it take a looooong time to walk in the rain. So they get very, very WET! 


Then when we arrive back home they have to GET WET again because they are so dirty from GETTING WET on their walk that they have to have a bath! The dogs hate the bath. One day I want to have a dog that loves to GET WET so they we can enjoy swimming together but not during the rainy season! ;)


Have an awesome day!

Kristin :)